what do i do?!


i think,

i think,

i just found the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans…

my life might be complete now.


the only thing is, while the fit is FABULOUS…the boyfriend part needs to be a little more distressed…

does that make sense?!

i keep hoping those fab junk gypsy ladies will post a tutorial as to how they do their jeans…but until then, i will have to google it!

any suggestions?!


6 responses to “what do i do?!”

  1. Use sandpaper around the areas that would normally wear and leave then out in the sun.

  2. I have been DYING for them to do a tutorial! Their’s are always perfect and I have tried and tried but never made mine as cute as theirs.

  3. first things FIRST! share WHERE you got the perfect boyfriend jeans 🙂 second…i read somewhere that you can wash them with a pumice stone & also use a dremel (not sure how its spelled) tool with the sander attachment to sand off the top layers of thread in certain places leaving the white threads below. i’ve not tried it, but i have a girlfriend that her jeans looked GREAT after this!

  4. I think you need to let us in on the brand of the perfect boyfriend jean! 🙂 I agree with Brigitte that you may find the “how to” on pinterest.

  5. Awe hunny , take them jeans , take something like a piece of 2×4 or , leg ur jeans on a irioning board , grab a rasp and rasp the jeans untill u get the distreesed look * don’t rasp hard it can leave holes but if u do it gently it will work

  6. Brigitte Burke Avatar
    Brigitte Burke

    there has got to be something on pinterest.. don’t ya think?

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