i’ve been thinking…

scary. i know.

my girlie wants a bunny.

and yes, most kids do around easter…but we actually live somewhere that it might work.

i am getting a CUTE little chicken coop for spring. looks kinda like this…

but not that fancy…


i plan to paint it. a wild and fun color…

don’t tell my husband.


the coop can hold 4-6 hens, and i plan on 3 or 4.

now, can i add a bunny to that mix?! would they hate each other, or pretty much ignore one another?

i’ve googled and pinterested it and have found pretty favorable reviews.

any of you have any experience?!

7 responses to “i’ve been thinking…”

  1. Just a couple websites to check out before you get a bunn in your life. 🙂



    and here is an awesome blog about 2 awesome cute bunns! They are on instagram and fb.


    Enjoy! Hoppy Easter!

  2. Growing up, we always had rabbits with our chickens. Never had a problem. Just make sure you have wire on the bottom of the coop or the rabbits will dig out ASAP!

  3. We had our chickens and bunnies together for a while. They pretty much left each other alone. But one of our bunnies sort of turned into an Attack Bunny. Visions of Monty Python for a second… She never hurt a chicken that I know of, she just started hurting us. To avoid any damage to our egg laying chickens, we moved them.

    They now have separate yards to run around in. Our chickens free range out in Goat Knox with the baby goats.

  4. I just got my chicken coop! Love it but no chickens quite yet. What a fun idea to add a bunny to the mix

  5. Mary in Arkansas Avatar
    Mary in Arkansas

    Bunnies can get sick from chicken poop.

  6. I have my own chickens! You will love it. It is wonderful to have fresh eggs. And to know that they aren’t full of artificial hormones/antibiotics or other chemicals…and that they have munched on grass and walked around in sunlight. My chicken house is a historic structure on our farm, and nowhere near as attractive as the one pictured. I look forward to following your adventure!

  7. I would just watch them to make sure the hens don’t pick at the bunny, and the rabbit isn’t stressed by the birds, or is potentially attacking/biting their legs. Also, if your bunny is really young and small and then hens are full-size, I’d be careful because unbeknownst to a lot of people chickens are very carnivorous animals. I’ve seen them kill and eat snakes, frogs, mice, and sadly a newborn kitten–the momma cat had given birth to them in the chicken coop :(. I’d say you’d be fine if your birds are young and so is the bunny.

    That being said, we raise our rabbits on the ground in grazing pens (not as fancy as your coop), and they do great. You may have to put a chain-link bottom on your coop to keep the rabbit from digging out, but other than that, I would say your shelter would work.

    Um, yeah, so that’s my two-cents worth. I’ve had rabbits and chickens my whole life, but I’ve never tried to co-habitate them. Best of luck to you with your potential rabbit/chicken crazy-colored coop.

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