so we don’t do the prom thing up here in canada.

we do “grad”. not really the same thing though.


i get to go to a PROM in less than 3 weeks…

the junk gypsy prom that is! (read more about it here!) 


what do i wear?!

and miss suzie of urbancountrystyle is wondering the same thing!! (we kinda are going together!!!)

anyone else wanna come?!

seriously!! the more the merrier!!

AND who is going to be there already?!

7 responses to “prom?!”

  1. Oh one day I will go! I just came back from Texas (Houston area) & they practically had to drag me back on that plane. I love mixing vintage pieces with lots of lace & pastels. I don’t know what I would wear but it would be pretty crazy : )

  2. yes ma’am 🙂 LOVE prom time & dressing as crazy as i possibly can!! my daughter got me started several years ago & she rarely misses!!! i even have FB albums dedicated just to JG prom!!!!

  3. OMG I am so excited to go…and with you there too…it’ll be even funner!!!

    I’m lovin’ look #3…with boots of course. I just bought fabric like the skirt on that one, so whooooo knows. I might even try to create something 😉

    See ya soon sistah!

  4. Brigitte Burke Avatar
    Brigitte Burke

    the hat is incredible.. a must! wish I could go! Darn work!! Have a blast!

  5. First of all, I believe you have only been to the Fall antiques festival (did you do prom then?). Fall is typically a hot prom, so the less clothing the better (or just something that is cool to wear). Spring Prom has been known to be kind of chilly, but with the weather this year we could be surprised with a warm prom. So pack knowing you may need something to keep you warm. really anything goes, and all those pics would rock as long as you are sportin’ boots. Kind of a must have! Vintage is fun, themes are good, and always know that more is better than less. Being outrageous and different will get you noticed, but remain classy! My friends and usually mix glamour with cowgirl or go straight up vintage cowgirl. I know you will rock it!

  6. I’m going and I’m so excited! I haven’t figured out what to wear either.

  7. I wish I could go. Alas, between teaching and basketball tournaments I cannot. My opinion is the first and third looks are totally Junk Gypsy. And the hat? Swoon!

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