i think everyone should do this.

right now.

this very minute.

what is it you ask?!


it is “bombshell bootcamp”

sounds kinda intimidating, but don’t worry, you won’t have to do burpees (SUZIE!)

it’s actually a pretty fabulous idea. miss danielle of Bombshell by Day has been issuing weekly “girlie” challenges. and i love them.

i mean, any excuse to go buy new salon hair products or reflect on why i am so fabulous…

i’m in!!

check it out and feel free to keep me updated…i’d love to hear if you are enjoying the challenges as much as i am!!

2 responses to “i think everyone should do this.”

  1. Deborah Whaley Avatar
    Deborah Whaley

    LOVE her! Thank you so much for sharing this! I left her a message but believe her web site has been hit pretty hard and she might not get the message~ I tried to sign up for her blog without success.

  2. I’m doing this too!!!! LOVE love love the idea and the lady behind it…and burpees are your friend Cathryn 😉

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