reader request…Brandy!


yes, it has been a while. i am posting so randomly these days.

ya’ll ok with that?!

today’s post is for BRANDY!! she wrote me asking for help styling her new skirt.

super cute, and can work so many ways!!

hope this helps Brandy!!!


6 responses to “reader request…Brandy!”

  1. Where is that purse on the bottom left of the last pic from? I have found some similar ones here:–Packs.html, but I’d love to know where you that one is from! Great post, Thanks!

  2. I really like the last two looks; roses & navajo print can both be pulled off with this skirt & that is fabulous.

    1. thanks! i think that skirt is soo cute, and didn’t wanna over do the cuteness, she’s a mommy, and i didn’t want to make her look like she was trying to look younger. does that make sense?! lol

  3. LOVE that top tshirt and purse. I could go broke from your posts.

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