My Thoughts

a week off school…


what do we do?!

i am searching pinterest for ideas for crafts, games, etc.

all i really want to do is hide.

what do you do when you have ALL the kids at home, they don’t want to go outside (SNOW!) and for cheap?!

6 thoughts on “a week off school…

  1. Create their own artwork using a piece of paper stuffed into a gallon freezer storage bag, and paint dots all over the paper. Stick the paper into the storage bag, add paint inside and they fingerpaint with NO MESS!!! Tape mazes in a hallway are always fun too!

  2. We make slime, add some fun baking supplies (rollers, cookie cutters, etc) it keeps them busy for a while, fun alternative to playdoh. We started planting some veggies indoors, made pinecone peanut butter birdseed feeders. If I think of more I will let you know

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