love you.

yesterday’s post received an OVERWHELMING response, both here and on facebook, pinterest and twitter!

and i loved it! you all are so supportive and such darlings, that if that post had been hard to share, you would have made it so much easier. it was actually so much easier to write and post than i thought…but then, i tend to overshare on a regular basis! lol

i really appreciated all the other stories and posts that grew from my post. emails, facebook messages and tags everywhere. it all made me so happy that “Let’s Talk” actually worked. and  they raised an amazing amount of $$ in support of mental health initiatives. thank you!

so to sum up.


i love you.

you all rock!

4 responses to “love you.”

  1. You’re fantastic, strong & an inspiration to everyone around ya! I understand just how scary it is to say it out loud. Even years after I ‘got control’, I read Brooke Shields’ book & realized there were so many things that I felt, but I never had the courage to speak out loud.

    Take care of yourself, your babies deserve the wonderful Mama you are!

    1. i am proud of you too. now. when are we going to get together and have a drink?! lol

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