i know you’ve seen it but…

the cougar in me is kinda obsessed with this video…

the last boy to sing…and that wink.

i die.

8 responses to “i know you’ve seen it but…”

  1. Thanks for the smiles!

  2. hahahahaha…. Love that. I just had my first 29th birthday and that makes me feel like a cougar. Totally sharing 🙂

    1. only 29?! i’ve turned 29 5 times now…lol

  3. I’ve always been into the older men, but I a have to admit I probably enjoyed that video mor than I should have. Feelin’ a a little pervy now, lol.

    1. ha. they are all over 21. fair game i say! 😉

  4. Dang, a whole lot ogf them boys are good looking! Funny video too!

    1. i know eh?! gah…i will forever adore 21-25 year old men…lol

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