Home Sweet Home

my new favoritest blog.

just found these boys.


(yes, i am yelling, they rock that much)

James, Jamie & Harley Dec 30 2012

The Cavender Diary

this is their bedroom.

looks like it came out of a Ralph Lauren/Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware catalogue.


and living room…

Pretty good over-all shot

(all images from their site, just click on them to see more!!)

and they do diy stuff.

Big Ornament Wreath

Cow Skull on Wreath on Front Door

i am in love. and we are now bffs, they just don’t know it yet!

19 thoughts on “my new favoritest blog.

  1. Ok, You have us blushing “Big Time”…We are so glad that you found us…and even more thrilled that you have passed us on to your flock with your infectious energy. We just do what we do, and somehow amazingly nice people like you keep noticing.


  2. They seem to take nicely to stalkers, um, readers. I can’t remember how I found them but I was in love with everything and promptly ordered cowhide pillows. They are geniuses in jeans.

      1. OMG I WISH they sold their awesome pillows! No, I went to ECowhide.com and bought pillows. Quick review: the cowhide sides of the pillows are AWESOME, the back sides are cheesy fake leather but they were relatively inexpensive. I really need to learn to sew.

  3. I Love (insert stalk) the Boys too! Their blog is amazing, their style impecable…and they are total sweethearts! I encourage all your readers to grab a cup of hot coffee and warm blanket…then curl up and read their blog. Trust me you’ll be in love with the boys as well!

  4. How bizarre. I was visiting a friend in Austin last week and she turned me on to THIS blog. I started following them on Saturday. Funny finding them at the same time. They’ve got some cool things and cool ideas for sure.!!!

  5. I am sure these guys were featured in Australian Country Style. I’ll see if I can find the issue. I’ll scan and email it to you if I can…. it was a great story!

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