the color of the year

do you guys follow the whole pantone thing?

i guess every year they (?) pick the color for that year.

what does that mean exactly. and how do they decide?


this year’s color is emerald. i like it.

whether or not i will completely redecorate my house or get a new wardrobe because it’s on trend is another story. but if i see something i like. i will probably get it.




8 responses to “the color of the year”

  1. Raquel - Horses & Heels Avatar
    Raquel – Horses & Heels

    Emerald is a great color! I think it could inspire some new jewelry shopping as well ; )

    1. for you and me both! 😉 happy shopping!!

  2. This Irish lass LOVES this colour (my wedding shoes were emerald/kelly green!!!)

    1. i know! (and you look good in it!!)

  3. I’m LOVING the color of the year! Emerald is so classic.

    1. totally agree. and i never buy anything that color. i am going to attempt to remedy that!!

  4. I’m excited about this color!! I’m a redhead and have always liked the color of emerald! And my birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day – so another reason to love the color!!

    1. i love it too…and don’t have ANY! i will so be on the lookout this year! if the color of the year is good for anything, i guess it would be to draw our attention towards colors we wouldn’t normally pick up!

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