ok. i have a question.

how do people take these pictures?

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sidneyerin:</p><br /> <p>OOTD: To Grandmother’s House We Go<br /><br /> Shirt/Sweater/Jeans: H&amp;MVest: J. CrewBoots: L.L. Bean Necklace: Etsy<br /><br />


because mine look like this…


see. you have no idea what i am wearing and why do i look like a denim stick?

what am i doing wrong?!

23 responses to “ok. i have a question.”

  1. They take them in the mirror.

  2. Too funny! I have no idea how people do that. I just found your blog….via another blog, and I am so glad I did! You have a new follower!

    1. hello and yay!!! great to meet you!!

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