how is your week going?!

can’t believe it’s already a new year. (don’t you hate when people say that?) but seriously. why is the time going so fast? i have too much to do and too little time!! crappity-crap!

nothing much going on here this week. still trying to get this family back to healthy. i have bleached the heck out of everything, laundered everything possible, and opened the windows and let the -10C air blow throw…

any other suggestions?!?!


but other than that. good! still itching to get out of the house kid free and go spend some gift certificates from Christmas…have no idea on what, but spend them i will!!

and my plan this month (did i tell you i am planning to do one project around here a month?! let’s just see how long that lasts!! lol) is to paint something with milk paint. anyone try it yet? i have heard fabulous things.

i want to create something like this…

*image borrowed from Miss Mustard Seed*

but we all know i suck at diy. so we will have to see.

luv ya!


7 responses to “soooo…”

  1. I have a small bag of milk paint mix sitting waiting for me…. I won’t even tell you how long I have had it. Does it expire? Let me know if you get your project done…. I mean, WHEN you get your project done…. lol

    1. i don’t think it ever expires! nice! and i have a footstool done, wasn’t too thrilled with it, but it was raw wood. my next project will be a prefinished cabinet, and then i hope to see the magic happen!

  2. Good morning, miss cathryn: have been thinking for way TOO LONG about starting a blog. Can you give me educational guidance…places I can go to read up on how to start, best server to use, best way to start, etc. Think the new year is THE TIME…just want to do it THE BEST WAY. Thx…love YOUR blog, your facebook page, your PINTEREST…which is where I FIRST found you! Happy Wednesday!

    Candi L. Kelly

    mary-kay-ecatalog-look-book-fall holiday

    …click on the LOOK BOOK…a New Age of BEAUTY is BORN

    and check out the Fall/Winter Trend Report, too!

    Mary Kay Sales Director


    1. do it!
      i have little to no experience with anything other than wordpress. i like it. but i’m not fussy with computer stuff, if it does what generally want, then i am happy. others use blogger. both offer blogs for free. or you can pay and support it yourself. i don’t know how to do this. and i like free! (i do pay $15/year to drop the word “wordpress” from my link. it just looks a little more professional i think!)
      and i find wordpress SUPER easy to use, their help option is fantastic and really actually explains stuff!
      as for blogging, there is a learning/comfort curve. it can be stressful trying to think of stuff to post, and the feeling of being behind or overwhelmed is common. but as long as you are always posting stuff that is YOU, it’s easy. and don’t feel the need to post everyday, if you start slow, posting two days a week or whatever, your readership will realize that, check in on those days and you can go from there!
      hope this helps!
      feel free to email me at thefarmerstrophywife(at) if you have more questions! i love to answer questions…it’s how i’ve learned what i know now!

  3. We’re all sick here. Farmer D says it’s been the worst Christmas vacation ever!

  4. Hi Cathryn, Julia from The Gallivanting Girl here, your diy inspiration looks awesome. Hope the New Year is treating you well. I’m doing fantastic on my resolutions–exercise is going strong and so is waking up earlier. Just wanted to give a heads up, I’m having a giveaway on my blog if you’d like to check it out:

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