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reader request…tara!

ok peeps!

it’s almost Christmas!!! and i think  i am running behind in almost all areas of my life!! so after this post, i will be taking a break until the New Year!! but of course, before i go, i get to do a reader request for sweet tara!

when she wrote me, she was 5 days (gack) overdue with baby #3. hoping for some inspiration for Christmas parties, her 30th (!), her twin’s 3rd birthday and their upcoming bull sale, she wrote me.

tara already has some cardigans and grey boots that she adores so i put them together with some stuff. basically, my go to post-baby are wrap tops (most flattering and easy to breastfeed with!) and FABULOUS accessories…they ALWAYS fit!!!

i hope this helps my darling!!!

and Merry Christmas my loves!!

postbaby 1
post baby 2
post baby 3
post baby 4

I love to hear what you think!!!

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