my pot roast challenge!

hey babes!!

while i am off gallivanting in VEGAS (!) my darling mom and dad are holding down the fort here at home. which means getting my girl off to school, dealing with my teething babe and of course, doing chores (we are feeding about 300 head these days…). so i thought that i might as well make my parents lives a little easier by having a few meals taken care of!!

i am one of the lucky bloggers selected to be part of Canadian Beef Pot Roast Blogger Program! yay! i mean really, we raise good ol’ Canadian Beef, might as well show off how i cook it!!

my challenge is to show you all my favorite way to cook a pot roast and all the spin-off meals i make from the leftovers! (easy peasy!) and what more perfect time to do it…i can help my parents at the same time! 😉

first off, did you know that pot roasts have their own category when it comes to beef cuts?! check this out for more info…and pot roasts are just that, cooked in a pot…lol. they are best cooked using moist heat, by either braising, pot roasting or simmering in a liquid. cook until fork-tender or well done. love it. what i didn’t know is that the new recommendation for introducing babies to food includes meat right from the start. they didn’t say that back when my girlie was a babe…man do things change in 4 years!! (although i did feed beef to my babes long before it was “reccomended”…i KNEW i was right…lol!)

i like this because my crock pot is my bestest friend. seriously. is there anything better than reaching the end of the day (worn out and cranky) and there is already a meal cooked and ready to go. sigh. my favorite.

there are literally hundreds of recipes out there, like here, and hereor here…my favorite has to be this one from the pioneer woman. this woman know how to cook.

photo (1)

so, i threw all the ingredients together, turned the crock pot on when we were leaving for the airport and DONE!!!

(gawd i would marry my crock pot if that were cool…)

and my mom will be able to use the leftovers (if there are any!) for more meals…

there is the obvious, just reheat and enjoy option!! or i like this one…(just do the recipe minus re-cooking the beef! and this one…(just shred the leftover beef into it as the meat substitute!). ok, yes. i am a big PW fan…gawd, so many recipes, so little time! lol.

and there are FREE recipe booklets here…i collect them every time i hit the Canadian Beef booth at the Calgary Stampede, and they have never steered me wrong!

cheers my darlings and happy pot roasting!!!

p.s. there is also a contest going on over at the Canadian Beef site!! you can enter to win a talking meat thermometer!!!!

 (yes, this was a sponsored post…yay for Canadian Beef!! and i am not just saying that because we raise it, eat it and sell it…lol)

I love to hear what you think!!!

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