time crunch.

alright. don’t laugh. but i think i have my VEGAS packing kinda organized…

don't ask


it’s weird, i know.

but i started to put up a couple of shirts i had, then the pants and boots…and it kinda worked. i was able to switch some shirts in and out to see what had the most matches/possibilities. and did the same with some bags and coats and stuff.

does it make sense?! lol

even if it doesn’t, here are some looks i put together after so i know what to pack…
this is for the airport/first day…


then options for the white shirt…


polka dot shirt…


red shirt…


and another going out outfit…
(a girl can’t have too many!!)


this is a little reminder of the stuff i need to pack that i already have…


and, uh, a list of the stuff i wanna, um, buy before we go.
(don’t tell my darling ok?!)

and that’s it. i think. of course i’ll add the necessities and such. and i know the bags don’t really make sense…but i have a mostly white cowhide one that i will bring that will work with them all, but i couldn’t find a match on polyvore, so i just grabbed random ones here and there. and i do already have a denim shirt and white button-down, but another of each wouldn’t hurt. especially if i happen across the perfect one…
and gold sequins skirt. too much?!
and um, what else?!
p.s. Christmas party plans are coming together, i’ll post more tomorrow…
AND i have a gorgeous and fabulous giveaway next week from Mad Cow Company…are you excited?!?!?!

8 responses to “time crunch.”

  1. […] way past time for a break, methinks. Thank goodness The Farmer’s Trophy Wife posted her packing plans to get me in gear on mine! We don’t fly for a week, but I’m leaving home on Thursday […]

  2. I love your little arrow chart. I want to make one. I leave next Tuesday, but have to be packed and ready by Saturday. Last year I wasn’t organized at all so I want to make sure I have my outfits planned in advance this time. Also, if I had a mall near me and could shop, I would totally go buy that gold sequin skirts!!!

    And random question, but for daytime/casual are you wearing bootcut jeans over boots? I got on a skinny jean kick but my bf hates it so I think this year I better wear bootcut jeans and save my skinnies/dresses/leggings and anything with the pants “tucked in” for evening wear.

    1. my husband is the same!! i am doing that too, classic is easier and i am more comfortable anyways!! have fun!!!!!!!!

  3. This is exactly what I needed. Even though I don’t fly until next Tuesday, I leave home this Thursday and am completely unprepared. Thank you! And will I see you there?

  4. This is exactly what I needed. Even though I don’t fly until next Tuesday, I leave home this Thursday and am completely unprepared. Thank you! And will I see you there?

  5. Wow, you’re so organized! I leave in two days and have no idea what will end up in the suitcase. Lol
    I LOVE all the looks…but here’s a little packing tip…if you wear one of the pairs of boots on the plane, you have more room in your suitcase! #justsayin

  6. That first photo made me smile and LOL but it is just like something I would do and then try to figure it out…a very good way to start my day…My friend you are as good as there!!!

  7. I so need to plan my stuff out this week to see, um what I need to buy before we go as well.

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