i am starting to panic.

and lose sleep.

i have just over a week until my ag society’s Christmas on Main Street event.


two weeks till i go to VEGAS!!!

i am soooo not ready for either!!!


no. seriously. help.

let’s start with what to wear to the airport…for one, it will be FREEZING here…and then warm there…

AND i will probably end up wearing this outfit for the whole of day one…until we get checked in…

what do you think of this?

jet set

or this?!



airport style

ok…last one.


i am kinda feeling number four…but i’ll have to go out and find some fab boyfriend jeans…

darn, a reason to HAVE to go shopping…

33 responses to “ok.”

  1. I LOVE #4, but would like to wear boots, but didn’t think about having to take them off for security….you can see I don’t fly much, HAVE FUN THOUGH, and I am sure you will look GREAT no matter what you wear!

    1. aw thanks! and i am leaning toward no boots too…some people are squirmy about bare feet in security, but i haven’t died from anything foot related yet! 😉

  2. I love #1 the bestest 🙂

      1. I have a dress sitting at my shipping company from Double D Ranch, plus their Wild Justice biker and some yet to be discovered boots. I also have a blingy skirt (black from Joe Fresh) that I will pair with my Tony Lama’s for a night out at Gilley’s, and of course jeans and a blingy tank or two…bling seems to be my theme 🙂

  3. Tiffany Mikkelson Avatar
    Tiffany Mikkelson

    If there is a airplane involved #4!!!!!!!

    1. i think the shoes are selling this one…

  4. I like #2 or #4.
    It will probably be colder there than you think. I thought it would be warm when I went last year and it was cold. So if you go outside walking around bring a jacket and dress in layers cause that desert night air is cool!

    1. i am hoping for heat! but you are right, it gets cool…maybe some alcohol in my bloodstream will warm me up at night?!

  5. Look 2 looks vegasy, wear a good tank underneath the sweater! It can be cool in Vegas in December. But, if you are going for Cowboy Christmas the sweater could be hot while you are shopping!

    1. I like the word vegasy…I am going to work that into my vocab!! 😉

  6. Ps, don’t sweat all the upcoming festivities. I am DYING to see how the Christmas party turns out!

    1. thanks! things are coming together!! only 5 more sleeps!

  7. #1 (love those green boots with the b&w theme, seriously!) or #4. I used to travel 50% of the time for work, so the practical part of me says #4 bc the mocassins will make getting through security easier and faster, but they also might make you take that sweater off (and almost definitely will with # 3)…that has caught me off guard before and I had to walk through security in a little tank I NEVER would have felt comfortable wearing alone. :O

    1. oooo…good thinking. do not wanna do that.

  8. I agree and think 3 & 4 look the most comfortable for a plane ride. If you don’t find time to shop, just wear the jeans you have. I do not like bulky coats and think layering is the way to go. Looks like it’s going to be in the 60s days at the NFR…
    I FINALLY got the word officially, the “reveal” of the secret SUNDAY night…not much time for shopping for me! My daughter got for me as part of the surprise an amazing Free People Antique Rose Cardi with a raspberry T shirt to go under for one outfit (phenomenal) for Tough Enough to Wear Pink Night, Monday the 10th, but I’m having to shop my closet probably for the other outfits. She’s suppose to come over Saturday to help me look.
    I do have a couple of opportunities to shop (coupon to D & D Ranch a great western super market) and an invited to the “Fall Sale” on 12/6 of “Double D Ranch Wear” (which is in Yoakum, Texas 30 miles from here) on their VIP sale day next Wednesday. Yoakum is where they design it and make it…it’s their home! I like that they are American, Texans to be exact and their stuff is amazing. So those things are on my calendar. However, my closet may have to be my best friend!!
    So I’ll be there the 10th about lunch time til the 12th about 5 (when we head for the airport). Anyway we can meet up someplace? I’m sure we will be at Fan Fest and the Cowboy Christmas events somewhere. What about you? What do you have planned? I can also email you my phone number.
    Can’t wait….
    PS, I know your “Christmas event” will be fabulous….I have much faith in your preparing and planning! Remember to enjoy it and not get too stressed!

    1. yay!!!! we should meet up!! email me your number and i will try to remember to text you when i am there!! soooooo excited for you and your girlie!! HAVE FUN!!!

  9. I would say 3 or 4… Have to be able to flip shoes off on the plane.. :O)

    1. amen! (and bring socks cause my feet always FREEZE!)

  10. #4 with the dark denim jeans in #3. When you get to Vegas and its warm, you can shed the sweater and be comfortable until you can change at the hotel to fit the cliamte in Vegas. Just my thoughts.
    Have fun!

    1. i am thinking you are right. need to save my $$ for there!!!

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