i am starting to panic.

and lose sleep.

i have just over a week until my ag society’s Christmas on Main Street event.


two weeks till i go to VEGAS!!!

i am soooo not ready for either!!!


no. seriously. help.

let’s start with what to wear to the airport…for one, it will be FREEZING here…and then warm there…

AND i will probably end up wearing this outfit for the whole of day one…until we get checked in…

what do you think of this?

jet set

or this?!



airport style

ok…last one.


i am kinda feeling number four…but i’ll have to go out and find some fab boyfriend jeans…

darn, a reason to HAVE to go shopping…

33 responses to “ok.”

  1. When I go I always wear light layers so I can put them in a shoulder bag while shopping, etc. I pack a suitcase inside a suitcase and we roll all our clothes. If you can get by with trial sizes on products take those and then throw them away or use the hotel soap and shampoo if you are ok with that. Also always, always always keep your Jewelry with you on the plane do not check it, I have had too many friends have their stolen while at the airport.

    1. love it all! thanks babe! i do pretty much all of this stuff already…except the rolling stuff idea. i will be giving this a whirl!!! are you heading to VEGAS?!

  2. I have very similar little slipper shoes as outfit number 3and 4!
    So comfy!

    1. i love them. cassie calls them my grandpa slippers…

  3. Number 4 was my pick too : ) I think it was the earrings, bag & moccasins that swayed my vote.

    1. i am leaning towards that one…maybe modify a tad…

  4. I like #3. It’s cute and it looks like it would be the most comfortable for your trip to the airport, airplane ride and trip to the hotel.

    1. thanks!! what if it is hot though….i don’t want to have to carry/wear a sweater…

  5. Number 4 DEFINITELY!!!!! LOVE the bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. me too! i have one similar from ToTEM.com….LOVE!!!

  6. Ther are all cute, but I say definitely #4!

    1. i am thinking this is the winner!!

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