Christmas on Main St.

the first thing i did when i started planning this event was to talk to all the dolls that have been planning it over the last few years. this town event had been put on by council for a few years, but had been cut from the budget this year. so our agricultural society decided to take over!

talking with the people who had put it on in the past was a HUGE help!! they provided contact numbers, ideas, suggestions about things that worked and didn’t work, etc. they were so happy that someone was taking this on as it had become a town tradition and was so fun!

the next thing i did was start a pinterest board, of course!

i had 101 ideas and what better place to file them!?

and of course, first things first. i needed a poster/advertising…so i started searching etsy. because as we all know, i seriously lack the diy gene, so putting a digitally fabulous poster together is beyond me…

i just used keyword search terms like christmas poster, christmas invitation, christmas invite, vintage christmas card, etc.

i narrowed it down to a few…

DIY vintage Christmas party invitation--customizable

Vintage Retro Chalkboard Christmas Holiday PRINTABLE Party Invitation

Vintage Retro Chalkboard Christmas Holiday PRINTABLE Party Invitation

Printable Christmas party invitation

i picked #2.

it captured the vintage-y feeling i was going for, the price was the best for the changes that needed to happen and it’s pretty!!

that’s all for now…am i boring you yet?!

3 responses to “Christmas on Main St.”

  1. Very pretty. I am going to have to track down that Pinterest board of yours. I like number 1 & 2. Great picks.

  2. <3ing it, can't wait to hear more!! 🙂

  3. So pretty! It looks very glamorous.

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