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viva las vegas!

i know i have posted on this beforeand maybe here too

but this is a special reader request for Robin…she’s going to the NFR and finally gets to check it off of her bucket list!!

sounds pretty darn fabulous to me! (maybe i’ll see you there?!)

here are some suggestions Robin, i hope you like them and HAVE FUN!!

(p.s. i have found that more than one pair of boots and shoes is a must. i trade my boots every 8 hours or so…and didn’t have a single moment of sore feet last time!!)

jet set vegas
vegas nights

11 thoughts on “viva las vegas!

  1. You have great style and I love your selections. I have to wonder do you actually dress like this in real life? It is amazing if you do! I’m sure people would love to see you actually posting / wearing some of your real life items, do you have that extensive of a boot gallery? Lucky girl!

    Keep up the good work and have fun on your trip!

    1. i wish i had this much style! i actually spend most of my days in the mommy uniform (sweats!). but when i do get to get dressed up i try my darndest to look and feel good! maybe someday my real closet will reflect my dream closet!! and i would love to post my outfits…i just haven’t figured out a way to photograph them. my husband is too busy, i can’t do the self photo thing (overdone and i suck at it!) and my four year old isn’t that talented yet…maybe someday!!

  2. Love, love, love these… Checking out websites and checking my closet for look alikes or similar ideas that I might already have! Would love any suggestions from you or ANYONE about best places to go, best shopping at Cowboy Christmas (I did refer to your previous blogs)! Coupons, specials, deals, etc. Going Monday – Wed. When will you be there?
    24 days and counting (STILL on the QT)!

  3. What fun ideas – I love the comfy moccasin outfit to give the feet a rest and I also love the gold sequin outfit!! I need both of these for the NFR. Hurry up December!! When are you going?

  4. I love all of these !!!! Great choices, style and very age appropriate without being too risque. I am in love with your blog too by the way. Will you be my personal stylists? Great job! Look forward to your post everyday and enjoy the blog.

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