My Thoughts

it’s all a balancing act…


did you think i disappeared?!

i kinda did i guess, from the wonderful world of the internet…

no twitter, facebook or posting…what the heck?!

nothing, actually.

just doing my real life stuff.

but i am here today! what’s new?!

not too much here, the cows and babes are sorted and sold, the bales are stacked, Halloween costumes are picked and we are into the rhythm of school and skating lessons…i am helping plan our town’s christmas party and uh…what else…oh, i am starting to think about back to work time. maternity leave is almost up and then it’s back to catching babies!

and that’s about it.

how abouts you?

oh. i guess there is ONE more thing… i have a post up on Western Glamour this week!!! hop on over there and let me know what you think about my “hot five” this week!!!

love ya!



4 thoughts on “it’s all a balancing act…

  1. We’re keeping busy running errands, breathing in the sweet autumn air and exploring the lifetime worth of hiking trails around our new home. Have a good weekend 🙂

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