Reader Request…Carol!

Carol (the lucky girl) has a photo shoot coming up with her bestest buddy!

Isn’t he gorgeous?!?!

Here are some suggestions Carol!!!

And have fun!


10 responses to “Reader Request…Carol!”

  1. What a pretty fella! Love the first outfit,

    1. he is pretty darn goodlooking!! and thanks!

  2. Raquel - Horses & Heels Avatar
    Raquel – Horses & Heels

    There is no better photo shoot than one that involves a horse (in my opinion). : ) I now really want some burnt orange skinnies!!!

    1. i would love to do one too someday! and i am on the lookout for some fab (mommy-friendly!) skinnies too!

  3. I can’t wait to see what she chooses!! Great suggestions and she’ll look great in any of them!!

    1. The Farmer's Trophy Wife Avatar
      The Farmer’s Trophy Wife

      me too and thanks!

  4. Awe beautiful horsey! I love that first outfit collage…..

  5. You amaze me!! Thank you so very much for putting this together!! I’ll be sure to get you pictures!

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