another pinterest inspired post…

another diy moment…

i am seriously on a roll!

here is the inspiration…


*image from here*

and my version…

7 responses to “another pinterest inspired post…”

  1. Raquel - Horses & Heels Avatar
    Raquel – Horses & Heels

    I have also been on a DIY kick because of Pinterest… it’s dangerously addicting building your own stuff & redecorating! I love the old tin in your bathroom.

    1. thanks!! the tin is actually new! it is from american tin ceiling ( and i LOVE it!!!

  2. That looks so good! I love it when a Pinterest inspired project works out!!

  3. Great job!!! I had to leave a comment to tell you I am in LOVE with your sink!! Lol

  4. lovely! you’ve done some nice work since i last used that bathroom! my daughter thought your sink was amazing and was wondering what your toilet looked like….;)

    1. hahaha…just a normal run of the mill toilet…but i will keep my eye out for a fancy one! 😉

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