speaking of DIY…

what do you think?!
i think i want to add some more lace to the top…
here is a DIY video (not mine!) if you are planning to do some too!!!

8 responses to “speaking of DIY…”

  1. Raquel - Horses & Heels Avatar
    Raquel – Horses & Heels

    Those are cute & yes to more lace. You can’t go wrong with lacing things up : )

    1. i added more gold braid instead…the lace was too girly for me…and i think i LOVE IT!

  2. Those are fabulous! Yes, a little more lace-super cute!

    1. thanks!! i added more gold braid…and DONE!

  3. Yours look fabulous…I say yes, add a bit more, test before gluing to be sure…post update photos! Make some for me?

    1. i would totally make some for you! what’s the going rate…like $200?! lol (and thanks!)

  4. Cool DIY , great idea 🙂

    1. wish i could claim this idea…but totally stole it from pinterest!!

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