my newest bff

ok. so maybe she’s not my bff.

and really, she doesn’t even know i exist.

and for that matter, i don’t actually know what her first real name is…

but i love her just the same.

who am i talking about?!?!

FlyLady, of course.

haven’t you heard of her?!

i hadn’t either till one of my real life bffs sent me the link that changed my life.


i am only on day 2. but still.

any website that can get me up off my butt and cleaning my sink on a sunday needs to be described as life changing.

don’t believe me?

here is the before…ok, the during, i forgot to take a before picture…

the middle (yes, i took a pinterest break while stuff was “soaking”…it WAS sunday…)

and after.

seriously. i am anti-anything related to cleaning.

hate it.

with a passion.

and i ACTUALLY got up, left pinterest behind. and cleaned my sink.

AND my microwave, dishwasher and front-load washer.


8 responses to “my newest bff”

  1. I poked around her website but am not sure I can give it a try. Putting on shoes is just so against my way of life at home. Can I bend the rules?

    1. Lol I don’t do the shoe thing either…but jeans vs pj bottoms do the trick too!!!

  2. Who is this FLY lady???? My nephew’s wife follows her (apparently this shiny sink thing is BIG in Alberta 🙂 ) . She manages to do all that stuff and she has four BOYS…a six year old, four year old, and twin two year olds! I’m officially now afraid to click on the link. I think it takes over your brain! Lol

    1. it might be a cult thing….but i think this is one my husband would let me drink the kool-aid from!! 😉

  3. YAY! so glad you did it! i’m off to clean my bathroom 🙂

    1. i am only on day 2…we will have to see how things go! 😉

  4. Thanks for this! Fly Lady makes a lot of sense! OK I am now going down stairs to clean my sink but first i need to put on my socks and shoes!

    1. i usually skip the shoe part…jeans do the trick, they make me feel like i am UP for the day…i am missing my pj bottoms though…

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