my husband’s BootBarn boots!

Well, eons ago I promised an actual review of the boots that the fabulous BootBarn sent him.

boot barn

I got him to put them on again (men are stubborn things!) and he loves them.

Gawd, I like saying I told you so

They stretched out within the first hour or two of wearing them, and he hasn’t complained mentioned that they are tight since…and as we all know, our farmers are on their feet from sun up to sun down…and during harvest, can be on their feet until the wee hours of the morning too. The boots have taken the workout in stride and show no signs of breaking down anytime soon. The heels/soles aren’t slippery, important for when he is climbing ladders to check bins or equipment. They keep his feet cool when they need to be and warm when the sun goes down. The only suggestion he has had is that it would be nice if the side pullup thingys were holes in the boots as opposed to loops. Working-man hands have large joints and he can’t get them in the loops. But that’s it! He would recommend these to anyone and that is saying A LOT. Farmers are a picky breed and things have to be pretty good to pass their judgement!

~ thanks again to BootBarn for sending him a pair…he was in dire need and they came just in time!!!

I love to hear what you think!!!

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