Got to go to her concert last night.

SOOOOO good!!

I taped a little for ya!


and….I got to do the meet and greet!

She is such a cute little thing, and sure puts on a FAB show!!

But I have to tell you…

Miss Angaleena stole the show.

See the brunette there…ya, the super cute one.

LOVE HER! She has such an amazing on stage presence. I would SO go to a Pistol Annies concert just to see her again!!!

And you know what…the Pistol Annies are going to be performing at this Sunday’s CCMA awards!!! I already have my pvr set!!
Do you?!

8 responses to “miranda!”

  1. How much fun to get a picture with her! Love her music!

  2. Raquel - Horses & Heels Avatar
    Raquel – Horses & Heels

    How cool! Great photo of you & Miranda together : )

    Ps I love the changes I’m seeing on the blog with the layout, looking good!

  3. It was an amazing concert! Thanks to your tweet about it months ago we got tickets early (I never would have know about it had I not read your tweet, they don’t talk about any concerts in my neck of the woods) and got to stand right at the stage. I’m totally jealous you got to meet Miranda!!

    1. yay for you!!! i think i might have to try for the pit next time…it looked like FUN!!! as for meeting her, the girls in the line around me got their pass via the fan club!

  4. Miranda is a sweetheart on and off stage. I was actually one of her high school teachers and I am extremely proud of her. She set her mind on what she wanted and went for it! Unfortunately, I haven’t met Angeleena or Ashley, but if Miranda loves them, I know I would, too. Glad to hear of your support for one of my babies! Miranda rocks!

    1. aww…that is so sweet! teachers make a HUGE impact in lives even if they never know it. she is a shining example of fabulousness!

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