Animal Print Sweaters…

I read this post yesterday.

And then this one.

And this one…

So, animal prints are gonna be a big trend for fall.

What do you think?!

Yes? No? Maybe?

Here are a few looks I threw together.

Still not sure if I would do it, but it IS cute!

horse sweater
horse sweater
deer sweater dress

4 responses to “Animal Print Sweaters…”

  1. Laura Dean-Fuhr Avatar
    Laura Dean-Fuhr

    Was in Whistles in the UK on Tuesday. They had one of these shirts. But, only one! I didn’t see them anywhere else and I went through Harvey Nichols quite thoroughly! Haha! So, hmmmm… I don’t know if they’ll take off!

    1. I think it is one of those trends that I wouldn’t spend too much $$ on…but it is fun! (did you get the shirt?!?!)

  2. The Boy would say that this trend as been around for awhile with his “power animal” T-shirts. Not sure if that is a good thing.

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