Found it! *update* (free shipping!!)

Any of you remember this picture?!
audrina-patridge Joe's Jeans Ex Lover Straight Leg Jeans

*image from here*

I do.
I had A TON of emails, tweets and facebook messages about this tee!

And I couldn’t find it. Anywhere.

Um. Till today.

That’s right folks. Late last night during some I-should-be-sleeping-but-I-am-pinteresting…I found it.


*image from here*

Thanks to HorsesandHeels, I found this site and THE SHIRT!

Ok, maybe not the exact shirt, but it is pretty damn close…It is from a company called Honey Baby Equine

And I will now be ordering one.

AND Miss Lauren of Honey Baby Equine has offered FREE SHIPPING from now until the end of the Labour Day weekend!! Just enter code TROPHYHEELS at checkout!!! Thanks Lauren!!!

6 responses to “Found it! *update* (free shipping!!)”

  1. Thank you Farmer’s Trophy Wife, and Horses & Heels. We made a special free shipping code for your followers.

    Use code: TROPHYHEELS at check out!

  2. Hey Sista! You know what would be even cooler? If you took an old pic of dad or your hubby and silk screened it onto a t-shirt! Just saying… : )

    1. that would be fab…could you do it and make me one too?!?!?!? pretty please with sugar on top?!?!

  3. Oh I do remember that photo! Although I never made the connection between that & the Honey Baby Equine tees. Duh!!! I must say they are fabulous tees : )

    1. and thanks for intro-ing me to the company! or should i say darn you?!?! 😉

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