yes? no?

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I am liking this.

A new twist on the traditional cable knit. And I happen to have a cable knit sweater.

And some turquoise dye.

Dare I?!!?

7 responses to “yes? no?”

  1. Andrea O'Neal Avatar
    Andrea O’Neal

    I’m a knitter, so it’s a YES for me, and the buttons on the shoulder give it a new twist. It’s different. I’d wear it (maybe not with those pants – probably jeans)

    1. lol…wanna knit me one?!?! i think i am going to do it, the sweater isn’t my color as it is, so why not!

  2. I love the color! its very elegant with beige color boots

  3. I say go for it. My rug that I dyed hot pink turned out awesome!

    1. nice!! i would like a hot pink rug…hmmmm…..

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