Reader request…Selma Lizzy

This was a polyvore request, and because I was on vaca, I think I might have missed helping her out in time. But it is a fun question, so I will answer anyway!!!
Selma Lizzy aka florida-chikadee1028 wrote…
“hey there! what would you wear to the airport to go to san diego? i am completely stumped as to what will be both cozy on the flight but also comfortable once we land in california. thanks! :)”
jet set
jet set
jet set

What do you wear on flights?! And does anyone have any fab trips planned?!?! I am thinking NFR can’t come soon enough!!!

4 responses to “Reader request…Selma Lizzy”

  1. Those turquoise loafers are so cute!

  2. Since you asked 😉 …I wear dark denim with lots of lycra, black or platinum suede kitten heels, and either a white blouse or a sheer black shirt with a great cami underneath. Simple gold jewels (since the safety Nazi’s think my Designs by Shelagh feather necklace is a weapon…true story). I also bring along a pair of socks so that I can kick off my heels and keep my feeties warm in flight. I have lip balm and my iPad tucked into my carry on, which is almost always a beautiful big MK bag and/or my Epiphanie turquoise camera bag that looks like a purse. I can go pretty much anywhere in that outfit, whether it be the airport lounge or checking in to a she-she poo poo hotel.

    Oh, and I NEVER would even consider loulou’s EVER…for traveling or walking around a new city.

    And I’m headed to SFO this weekend then up to Healdsburg in Sonoma for a couple of days of wine touring/buying for the new kitchen cellar and shopping in downtown Healdsburg itself 🙂 Also planning on NFR, as you know so we have to get together and shop there!

  3. I’ll shortly be flying from London (UK) to Calgary for a visit home and was just thinking about what I am going to wear. Thanks for this – timing is everything!

    1. yay! have a safe flight and a fabulous trip!!!!!

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