Would you…do you?!

Metallic jeans…


7 responses to “Would you…do you?!”

  1. If I were skinny YES!!!!

  2. Would I… absolutely!!!! Do I… Not right now. Maybe when I’m a few pounds lighter! 🙂 Those are fine!

  3. Absolutely I would! I’m a little behind, but just got started with the whole bright-colored skinny jeans movement…and I LOVE it! I like the ones on the bottom too-CUTE!

  4. In a HEARTBEAT. They’re on my must have list for fall. Big cozy sweater over top and short cowboy boots for day…or strappy sandals and a flowing sheer blouse for night! I might even sleep in them!!! 🙂

  5. No! Im not Snookie. I agree the pink ones are yummy though

  6. I would !!! Love them , great for holidays!!

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