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Reader request…Selma Lizzy and Wendy!

Selma Lizzy, aka, florida-chikadee1028 sent me a message on polyvore!

“hey there! would you mind answering my question about what to wear to go bowling? i love you sets, and your blog, so it would mean a lot if you did :)”

So sweet, and a challange, as I can’t remember the last time I went bowling!!! (time to remedy that I think!)

So here you go darling!


My next request is from my dear friend, Wendy!
She sent me pictures of a few items she has and I created a few looks…AND we are going shopping together today!!! FUN!


AND don’t worry, I know today is the day to pick a WINNER for the boots!!! I will do that tonight, when I get home from my whirlwind shopping trip!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Reader request…Selma Lizzy and Wendy!

  1. Love the outfit with the Junk Gypsy “Mama tried” tshirt.. and those boots are rockin! Your dyed dress turned out fab! I’m going to try and “overdye” a rug! wish me luck!

  2. Yay! Fun summer shorts! Love the jewellery in the last photo too.

    I saw along the side of your blog that you went ahead and dyed the dress. How did it go?? I loved it white, but now it’s like a whole new dress. Would be fun!

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