Reader request…Selma Lizzy and Wendy!

Selma Lizzy, aka, florida-chikadee1028 sent me a message on polyvore!

“hey there! would you mind answering my question about what to wear to go bowling? i love you sets, and your blog, so it would mean a lot if you did :)”

So sweet, and a challange, as I can’t remember the last time I went bowling!!! (time to remedy that I think!)

So here you go darling!


My next request is from my dear friend, Wendy!
She sent me pictures of a few items she has and I created a few looks…AND we are going shopping together today!!! FUN!


AND don’t worry, I know today is the day to pick a WINNER for the boots!!! I will do that tonight, when I get home from my whirlwind shopping trip!!!!!

3 responses to “Reader request…Selma Lizzy and Wendy!”

  1. thanks so much! this was so perfect!! 🙂

  2. Love the outfit with the Junk Gypsy “Mama tried” tshirt.. and those boots are rockin! Your dyed dress turned out fab! I’m going to try and “overdye” a rug! wish me luck!

  3. Yay! Fun summer shorts! Love the jewellery in the last photo too.

    I saw along the side of your blog that you went ahead and dyed the dress. How did it go?? I loved it white, but now it’s like a whole new dress. Would be fun!

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