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my summer song

Every summer, I seem to find/fall in love with a song that just fits. In years past it has been Wildflower by The JaneDear Girls, All Summer Long by KidRock…

Here is this summer’s song.

If this doesn’t FEEL like summer, I don’t know what does…

17 thoughts on “my summer song

  1. I love love love this song as well, it is the perfect summer, feel good, hanging with your friends song!! It makes me want to never leave the water!!!

  2. I picked this one too!!!! Its amazing, and Im Pontoon boating for August Long!!!! oooohhh yeaaahhh.

  3. This is MY song of the summer too! I just posted about my summer song list last week, and this one was definitely on there. It has me seriously looking at buying a pontoon!

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