Reader Request…Julaine and Becky!

Today’s requests are from some lovely girlies looking to style some items they already have!! First up is Julaine, she bought some boots and is now looking for some dresses to go with!!

My advice is to go neutral with a dress, those boots are pretty darn fabulous and you don’t want to try to compete. If you can find the perfect shade of pink/cranberry to match BUY IT, otherwise, stick to whites, greys, creams or gold!!! My favorite shops online are modcloth and dorthyperkins. Try Victoria Secret too…anyone else have a favorite online stores for summer dresses?!



The next request is from Becky, she, in a fit of grieving/jealousy over not being able to attend the Calgary Stampede, went shopping this week. She found some fab dresses and a pair of gorgeous grey heels she now wants to style! While I don’t have the exact dresses or shoes to work with (other than emailed pics) I made a few looks that have the same color and style of dress and shoes, so you can get the jist, ok Becky?!








I love to hear what you think!!!

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