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Calgary Stampede!!!!

I could go on and on and on about how fab the Stampede is.

But you all already know that.

So instead, I’ll do some “looks” for different events…

Sound like fun?!?!?

Calgary Stampede Parade
Calgary Stampede lunch
Calgary Stampede Work
Calgary Stampede Midway
Calgary Stampede Rodeo
Calgary Stampede Beer Gardens
Calgary Stampede Pancake Breakfast
Calgary Stampede Concert

9 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede!!!!

  1. I LOVE the shirt in the fifth outfit and it is sold out. I think that happens to me every time I like something on Polyvore. If you come across something similar, please let me know.

  2. I live in FLORIDA, but after seeing your FABulOus selections for the stampede I WAnT to be there!!!! Absolute perfection, what a great eye to detail !!! Love your style!!

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