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Calgary Stampede Showcase Stir’Up

Tomorrow is kinda a big deal…

Well. To me.

I get to go to a fancy-smancy gala-type thing!

Ok, not that fancy. But still.

The Calgary Stampede Showcase Stir’Up (haha, get it!?) is a preview of all the western artists that will be showcasing their art during Stampede! I have never been before, and I heard that Kate and Will (you know, THE KATE AND WILL) were there last year! So I am really looking forward to it…Mostly because my friend, Shelagh Blatz will be there with her AMAZING jewelry!!! (check out her facbook and twitter pages!!)

Have you seen her pieces?!

Now, WHAT DO I WEAR?!?!? I know I want to break out my new red boots!! And I went shopping yesterday (yes, I left it to the last minute) and got a couple white dresses. Now, do I keep them white? Or dye them navy blue? (I already got the dye) Ack! I am soooo much better at dressing other people than I am myself!!! Help!

I put some ideas together (ignore the yellow dress, that’s just for fun!), what do you think?!

Calgary Stampede!
Calgary Stampede!
Calgary Stampede
Calgary Stampede

12 thoughts on “Calgary Stampede Showcase Stir’Up

  1. May be to late, but my vote is the lace dress, and leaving it white. It’s my favorite look (although, I like them all!). It’s a great combination of classy, feminine and funky. Also, L-O-V-E the red boots!!! And I’m am definitely crushing on the turquoise and silver “feather” necklaces! Have a great time!!!!!

  2. I say wear the red boots with the lace dress.. but that’s just because that is how I wear mine! Great minds think alike ; )

  3. OMG!! First off, I LOVE the yellw dress with the red boots!! ALSO….Dye the lace dress Navy!! Its such a cool twist on “nautica” and “all american” AND Western wear all in one! And if it comes out in tye dye and funky…I think im your size…. lol

I love to hear what you think!!!

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