Some STYLIN’ gypsies!!!

I am LOVING the Junk Gypsy series

Serious love.

Like, I am starting to save my pennies so I can have them come up here and do my WHOLE HOUSE, kinda love!!!! (or maybe that would make for an AMAZING episode?!! HGTV are you listening?!)

But almost more than the decorating, I am DIGGING on the girls outfits!!!  Check these out…

(sorry for the poor quality, I did some fancy photography with my iphone and laptop…not so hot…but the best I could come up with!)

And since I am a bit obsessed with stuff like this, I begged Jolie to let me in on their style sources! Most of the jackets they picked up DURING shooting, because they had to have new outfits for all episodes/moments…and in a pinch, they found most of their fabulous jackets on ebay and they are mostly Free People…leave it to the gypsy girls to find a fab deal even in a crunch! Inspired, I went on the hunt and found all of these fabulous deals…

Anthropologie Slackened Utility Jacket 6, 8, 10 & 12 NWT by Daughters Liberation

*image from here*
FREE PEOPLE New Peplum Jacket Top Crimson Color $128 NWT S GREAT DEAL - HOT!

*image from here*

eBay Image Hosting at

*image from here*


*image from here*

*image from here*

Aren’t these amazing? And all from ebay…I am soooo hunting there more often!!! I am also going to attempt to do a post on my favorite parts of each of their rooms…wish me luck on the photography part. LOL

AND don’t forget to tune in to the JUNK GYPSIES every saturday night on HGTV!! 7pm PST/EST & 6CST

Upcoming episodes are gonna be fab!!

6/30 ASHER (a 11 year old boys room)

7/7 PARENTS (Amie and Jolie’s parent’s living room)

7/14 JOHN (a total rockstar-house of blues-type living room)

7/21 PROM (the reallllly amazing prom held ‘just for tv’)

8 responses to “Some STYLIN’ gypsies!!!”

  1. so…when amid and jolie come, i think you need a photographer to come too to document the whole deal. 😉 i know JUST the girl! (hint hint)

  2. Linda Merritt Avatar
    Linda Merritt

    Great job on your jacket hunt! And I, too LOVE the Junk Gypsies! Love the show and love their website!!

    1. thanks!! i had fun searching…and now my bank account will be sad…LOL

  3. i agree and ❤ the series and their style!

  4. I’m in love with the Junk Gypsies too. I’m totally growing my hair out so it will be a curly mess also. The jackets you found are fabulous. It is too hot in FL for those but the look is nice

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