Reader Request…Julia!!

Dear, dear Julia…she wrote me eons ago, and I lost her email in the shuffle of life. But, knowing how a mom’s life is, she re-emailed me to refresh my memory!! And I am SOOO glad she did!!! I haven’t slept longer than 4 hours in a row in a LONG time and have BIG TIME mommy brain, so I need reminders like this!!! So PLEASE, if I have missed or lost your email request…PLEASE resend!!! I didn’t ignore it, I read all of them!! It just got lost in my email inbox somewhere!!! I love all the emails, and all of you so much that I don’t want anyone to get missed!!!

But back to Julia! She wrote me…

How about a few outfits for a mother/farmer/artist who has just lost a bunch of weight (40+ pounds) and is in need of a new wardrobe?  A few pieces for heading out auction picking and gallivanting for photographs, maybe a nice outfit for a gallery opening, and just some more-stylish “around the farm”-type outfits.  I need to learn the art of mixing separates.  I want to look “put-together.”  Can you help me with some ideas?
First off…WAY TO GO JULIA!!!!! Losing any amount of weight is fabulous and 40 pounds is an amazing accomplishment!!!! I have been there, done that, been there and done that again, and am working on doing it for a third time, so I KNOW it is hard work!!! I am so proud of you! And you totally deserve a new wardrobe!!
I am going to throw some looks your way, but first I want you to re-read this post I did eons ago. This is what works for me…when you have all of these basic pieces, outfits come together soooo much easier. Then, instead of going out shopping and hoping to find something/anything, you get to go out shopping with a plan…”Today I am looking for the perfect white button down shirt for me”. And, like I mentioned yesterday, you have to try on, what will feel like, a MILLION shirts before you find THE ONE. All stores carry different cuts and styles, and each is for a different body type, it’s not YOU that doesn’t fit the clothes, it’s that those CLOTHES aren’t for your body type. Just keep going until you find it…and be patient. And don’t forget to take a fabulously HONEST friend!
Here are some ideas of putting some of those fabulous basics to work for you…with a little Farmer’s Trophy Wife fabulousness added!

2 responses to “Reader Request…Julia!!”

  1. I’ll totally take that cowhide bag, it’s fabulous. It definitely adds a little pizazz to the outfit

  2. Thanks so much! I knew you wouldn’t have overlooked me on purpose–you’re too sweet to do something like that. I’m clueless when it comes to clothes, but I’m hoping to build a closet like you suggested, and I’ve got the brutally honest friend, so I’m set to shop, ha.

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