Haulin’ Cows…

Yesterday I woke up thinking I had a fabulous and relaxing day planned for little ol’ me…

Not to be.

Instead of a haircut and a manicure, I hauled cows. But you know what?! I wouldn’t have traded it for the world…

I like to actually be useful to my darling husband, and with 3 little kids, I don’t get to be out doing all the stuff I used to do…
Like spend time with him! 🙂

So last night we loaded up and headed out…and I taped a little bit for ya!

8 responses to “Haulin’ Cows…”

  1. It’s so beautiful out there! We had to work cows yesterday too…only because those rascals escaped out of the pasture and into our alfalfa field! There always seems to be work when the cows are around. 🙂

  2. I just spent my 25th anniversary doing the same thing! There was nothing cute about my outfit though – ball cap and rubber boots!

    1. That is what I would have been wearing if I was actually doing “work”…but my 3 teeny babies are my world right now…someday when they are big enough to help, I’ll get back out there! (but of course my rubberboots will be Hunters…I can’t help myself!)

  3. What a beautiful setting! Isn’t it special that your kids get to be around dad while he is working? They will remember those times fondly-at least our boys do. And I love your boots!

  4. Love it!! I hauled pairs all day yesterday too!! You did it in much finer fashion than I did though! There’s no way I would have wore my fancy boots into the corrals while we were sorting! Haha! Hope you guys are getting rain in AB, we sure could use some here in Northeast MT!

    1. I don’t get to help sort these days…too many babies!! Maybe when they are old enough to listen and/or help I’ll get to go out there again! And yes, we’ve had some rain, but not nearly enough! Hope some comes your way soon!

  5. I always love working cows but it is a must to look cute doing it!

    1. It is also the ONLY time I get to go anywhere these days, so I have to make the most of it!!!

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