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Reader Request…Naomi!

My fellow Alberta girl, Naomi, wrote me hoping for some inspiration and direction…she is looking for a rockabilly western look, or several looks for upcoming events. And while she knows that there are hundreds of places to shop online, she is hoping for some help finding some WHERE to shop. You know, as in physically go to the store and actually try stuff on…my FAVORITE way to shop!!!!!

Well, Naomi…good question! I am finding more and more these days that online specialty stores are the best places to find specific items or styles, but the downfall is, of course, you can’t try it on till you pay for it, and then the crappy part, have to send it back ($$) if it doesn’t work out…(like I just did with a GORGEOUS gold sequin skirt…LOVED it, but my house was COVERED in gold sequins after only 5 minutes of wearing it…nope, not a keeper!). I think your best bet will be to hit several thrift stores. I have found some GORGEOUS retro pieces in the past, and with a little drycleaning and alteration, you might find a truly gorgeous, one of a kind piece! I would start looking for pieces rather than a dress…that way you can mix and match with stuff you already have, and get several fab looks! (and if you DON’T look for a dress…your chances of finding one increase! Or does that just happen to me?!).

I put together a few looks to give you an idea…

rockabilly western
western rockabilly
Have fun Naomi and I hope you send me some pics of what you put together!!!

5 thoughts on “Reader Request…Naomi!

  1. I love the pencil skirts with the old western shirts. I have tons of old shirts that I no longer wear from barrel racing & now they can do something more than take up closet space… Woohoo!

  2. Love all of your suggestions FTW! A little tip: if you want to wear the guy’s shirt with a pair of jeans no need to alter. Just wear it untucked, gather it at the back and add a vintage (thrifted) brooch to hold the gathers in place! This also means you can raid the bf/hubs closets every now and again!

  3. Thanks so much Cathryn 😀
    Great minds must think alike, went out yesterday and found a high waisted navy pencil skirt, a great blue plaid shirt with six-shooters on the shoulders (pulling my sewing machine out now to alter it a bit), and already own a great pair of “vintage-esk” red wedges to add that pop of colour. Finishing it off with my pearls and a red hair flower. Now fingers crossed my beautiful, tooled leather, vintage, esty found, purse makes it here by Friday…….
    I will definitely send you a pic or two.

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