Reader Request…Jessica!

Jessica tweeted me about wearing maxi dresses with boots…a yes?! or no?! And wondered how I would make it me?!

Great question!! I have to be honest, I have yet to find a maxi dress that I love…I have a rather large, er, pair o’ girls (!!) and maxi dresses don’t usually have straps that work well with bras that  are actually supportive! But I am ALWAYS on the hunt and someday, I will find one!!! And when I do…this is how I will wear it!!

(as for with boots…that isn’t really my style…but check this chicka out…she knows how to work maxi dresses and boots!!!!)

maxi dress
maxi dress
maxi dress

7 responses to “Reader Request…Jessica!”

  1. I love the combos, I’m also not on the maxi band wagon yet. I too have a larger chest & would have to wear a legitimately supportive bra. Those beaded sandals are to die for!

  2. So it WAS you who whispered my name?! Thanks for the love girl…and I say you CAN rock the maxi’s with boots 🙂

    1. LOL…yuppers! And you do the combo soooo well, I thought I’d tell the world! 🙂

      1. ((blushing)) and you’re the BEST!

  3. So nice to know that you struggle with finding dresses that allow for support! I , too , have that challenge and I appreciate you showing styles that flatter a figure like mine!

    1. It is a blessing and a curse! 😉

      1. Amen , sister! Especially being 5’2″!

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