So freakin’ annoyed…

Ok, you all know I ADORE pinterest…


It is kind of a problem.

But last night I got a little upset.

See, I was having some fun searching for some fabulous stuff to pin and I found this…

cattle/horse sale
This is a look I created on polyvore EONS ago and it was pinned to pinterest. Now, I have NO problem with that, because not only did it use to drive HUGE traffic to my blog, but I love sharing stuff. People pinning stuff from here or there is fabulous…because how else am I going to find all the amazing stuff out there?!?!
But what I discovered is that, somewhere along the way, some spammers have claimed this pin and now this pin is linked to spam sites.
Damn it.
That makes me mad! So, my darlings, could you do me a favor?! If you are a pinterest person like me…could you repin this or find this pin (if you already have pinned it, delete it if it links to a spammer and repin?!). I don’t know what else to do. I could report it, but I don’t know how…any advice?!?!
Thanks for listening to my little rant.
I am done now.

13 responses to “So freakin’ annoyed…”

  1. Here is a link that explains how to report spam on pinterest. I hate spammers!

    1. Thanks!! I sent them an email…we’ll see what happens!

  2. YES! This kind of stuff pisses me off so much. Same thing happened to my polyvore looks. I used them for a contest via Pinterest and several girls used it, in their entry which I specifically asked very politely if they did to KEEP my tag on it. They got mad at me and went round & round in circles calling me names & just being down right rude. I don’t care if you use my stuff because doing so shows you truly enjoy my work but please, please, please leave a little recognition. Grrrr, people!

  3. Wow …. I am hearing this stuff about Pinterest more and more! I also have a real estate website and I found that someone had spammed my local pics of my community, from that website, with no credit to me. I asked them to remove it or give me credit .. their choice.
    I love your outfits and I have not really paid attention to if it goes back to you …. I will go look right now!
    (and keep us updated to what happens) pippa

  4. That’s why I check every pin before repinning to see if it links to the original source. And I report spammers like crazy!

  5. That’s ridiculous! I hate spammers! I will definitely check and make sure the things I’ve pinned from you are credited to you! I will have to check my stuff now to make sure spammers haven’t gotten mine too!

  6. Deborah Whaley Avatar
    Deborah Whaley

    You have every right to be angry! I RE- PINNED one or two of your Polyvore myself and they are attributed to you. Now I am wondering if I should check back on all of my own Polyvore creations on Pinterest (Deborah Wiltshire Whaley/ OC surfer girl) to see if they are still attributed to me!
    BUT! Here is the the thing~ I would have KNOWN this one as yours on site. You are a marvelous stylist!

    1. aw shucks, thanks!! and i will be checking you out on pinterest and polyvore too!!

  7. That is so crazy and I dont blame you for being uspset! Spam invasion really going me mad, hope you get it straightened out gitl

  8. I thought that looked familiar! I have it pinned and it’s from YOU! Don’t think you follow me on Pinterest (you should :)), but then you could see because I wouldn’t know if it was a spammer or not. It has under the pin.

    1. thanks! i added the just yesterday to this pin, but hopefully the majority out there link back. not that i am that stressed about credit, more mad about spammers using me to get their site out there. frustrating!!!

    2. and what is your pin name?! i searched for Ann Barry, but there are a lot of you out there!!

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