got milk?!

ok, lame title I know, but I’m tired…

I got this post idea from CrystalCattle’s turquoise post…loved it! I had found this site before and pinned A TON of pictures from here, but hadn’t shared here yet!!

So here ya go!

COW iPhone Case

Black Cow iPhone Case

Little Cow iPhone Case

Moo Cow I iPhone Case

Moo Cow II iPhone Case

Holy cow its a bull iPhone Case

Cowlick iPhone Case

The Lumbering Beast  iPhone Case

*all images from here*

5 responses to “got milk?!”

  1. Thats funny! I LOVE everything that you post on Pinterest … you are one of my favs!

    1. aw thanks! i am little too addicted to that darn pinterest!

      1. I know what you mean! I haven’t even gotten on it for a few days …. I’m saving it as a reward once I get all my work done 🙂 pippa

      2. ya….i should do that……………

  2. Oh my! I NEED one of those!!!

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