Reader Request…Alyssa!

I love getting emails…

You people are sooo sweet!!!

This week’s request is from Alyssa, she wrote…

“Hello Hello!

First- I totally love your blog and wish our paths would have crossed in Round Top this year!

Second- thanks a lot for getting me addicted to POLYVORE. I am a new addict.
Third- I need your help with what to wear to my boyfriend’s (Family Ranch annual Shootout) in a few weeks. HELP!”
Ok…this sounds like A LOT of fun and I wish we had met up too!!! Next year I am going to organize a blogger-type thingy where we all get to hang out and drink beer!!! 🙂
Anyways…here are a few ideas! Hope this helps and HAVE FUN!!!

3 responses to “Reader Request…Alyssa!”

  1. brandi h. "@bootcollector" Avatar
    brandi h. “@bootcollector”

    Ok, I am not a blogger, but i want to hang out and drink beer in Round Top!

  2. Gotta start following you on Polyvore. I’ll go lookin for you

  3. Tracy Stanley Avatar
    Tracy Stanley

    OH you are just adorable – I love these outfits, I seriously wish we lived near each other!!! Come to Nevada and we will show you a great time, our rodeo is right around the corner!!!

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