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Reader Request…Alyssa!

I love getting emails…

You people are sooo sweet!!!

This week’s request is from Alyssa, she wrote…

“Hello Hello!

First- I totally love your blog and wish our paths would have crossed in Round Top this year!

Second- thanks a lot for getting me addicted to POLYVORE. I am a new addict.
Third- I need your help with what to wear to my boyfriend’s (Family Ranch annual Shootout) in a few weeks. HELP!”
Ok…this sounds like A LOT of fun and I wish we had met up too!!! Next year I am going to organize a blogger-type thingy where we all get to hang out and drink beer!!! 🙂
Anyways…here are a few ideas! Hope this helps and HAVE FUN!!!

3 thoughts on “Reader Request…Alyssa!

  1. Ok, I am not a blogger, but i want to hang out and drink beer in Round Top!

  2. OH you are just adorable – I love these outfits, I seriously wish we lived near each other!!! Come to Nevada and we will show you a great time, our rodeo is right around the corner!!!

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