Something FABULOUS is coming to your tv!!!!!

I am soooooo excited and sooooo jealous that you darlings in the States get to watch my favoritest girls…THE JUNK GYPSIES on HGTV this Saturday!!!

Seriously, jealous. We won’t get the series up here in Canada…I’m still trying to convince someone to video tape it and email me…kinda illegal, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!


The darlings are SO excited about this Saturday that they want to get the party started early! So who wants to win some JunkBucks?!?!

How about $100 JunkBucks??!

I thought you all would want to!! 🙂

To enter…

1- just leave a comment telling me all about how you get to tune in this weekend and I don’t….waaaahhhh…

2- for an extra entries, why not tweet/facebook/email or call HGTV Canada and tell them how much you would love them to carry this series too… (just a thought!) and then leave separate comments telling me you let them know!

*the contest will run until Friday (May4th) midnight and I will announce the winner on Saturday afternoon!!!*

LOVE YOU ALL TO BITS JOLIE, AMIE, JANIE, ARCHIE, ASHLYN and all the boys (and little Indy too!)…have TONS of fun this weekend and I ❤ you!!!

179 responses to “Something FABULOUS is coming to your tv!!!!!”

  1. Love me some Junk Gypsies!! HGTV may never be the same after May 5!! 🙂

  2. Jessica Williams Avatar
    Jessica Williams

    I shared a link for the contest on my personal page as well as my photography page. 🙂

  3. I’m trying not to get stressed for my daughter’s prom thats tonight, her plans a kinda up in the air but maybe things will work themselves out by 4:30 anyways this is my first time on your blog and its so cool! love it! anyways gonna share it on facebook! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Can’t wait to watch!

  5. May 5th will be such an amazing day: 1) JG fabulousness on my TV, 2) Margaritas all around in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, and 3) I finally graduate college with my teaching degree after six long years!!!!! WOOO HOOOOO!!!!!

  6. Can’t wait for Junk Gypsies to be on !!!!

  7. Cherie White Avatar
    Cherie White

    I’ll be tuning in from vacation at the beach! I’ll be pretending that I’m livin in that lighthouse watching the ships come in 🙂

  8. Messaged HGTV Canada for you!


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