We have a Winner!!

I would love to know how to write that title so you read it like one of those carny-guys would yell it…


Womens Western Ring Band of Rustic Vintage Ranch Wire

Thanks again sooooo much to Meredith for this GORGEOUS ring!!! I hope you all love her stuff as much as I do (actually, I know you do, what lovely comments from you all!!).

And our lucky winner is…

#7-Lesa Cox  “Last one… I posted it on my FB so my friends can check her out.”

Congratulations Lesa!! Email me at thefarmerstrophywife(at)hotmail.com! Thanks again to all for entering…

AND check back tomorrow, because I have some JUNKBUCKS from the JUNKGYPSIES to give away!!!!!!!!!!

I love to hear what you think!!!

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