A new idea…

Ok, stop me if this is a TERRIBLE idea…

I have decided that because I am awful at taking pictures of myself, what about videos?! I will tape me in my wonderful, exciting, fabulous life. And then make you watch them?!


Well, I think I am hilarious.



But, why not?!

And sooo…here I am.

Brace yourself!

15 responses to “A new idea…”

  1. Tracy Stanley Avatar
    Tracy Stanley

    You are so darn adorable!! As a mother of three (now older “teenagers” 20, 18 & 15) I can totally relate to the hollaring at them to get in car seats, although it was so long ago, I’d go back to that time in a second!! Love your blog and can’t wait to see more of your crazy crazy busy life!!

  2. Totally off topic, but is that boot stitching on your driver’s seat? And if so, WHERE did you find them??? LOVE!!

    1. LOL..yes, it’s the dodge longhorn truck. i think that is what it’s called. it’s my hubby’s new truck and it’s all westerny. it’s pretty fab!

  3. LOVE IT !!! And maybe you can do an Outfit of the day while your at it LOVE your laugh very real

  4. love it! thanks for making us smile 🙂

  5. What a FABULOUS idea!!! Can’t wait to follow along 🙂

    1. yay! I’m glad no one has said DON’T DO IT! 🙂

  6. You are awesome. I adore you. That is how I will be, I hope, when I’m a mum. You are so cute:) more more more! xoxo

    1. LOL…I’m not so cute when I am “screaming” at my kids to stop hitting each other and to GET IN THEIR CAR SEATS, for the 100th time! 😉 But thanks and I am gonna have fun taping stuff!!! (now hopefully interesting things will start happening!)

      1. Oh that will be the story of my life when I have children, I’m sure. Momma’s gotta do what momma’s gotta do! I was raised by a single mom… I get it:) parents are learning how to be parents, just like children have to learn how to behave. That’s the biggest lesson I learned from my mom when we would argue… that she hasn’t ever been a mom before, and that she is doing her best with what she knows. xoxo

      2. you are too cute! and totally right!!!

  7. You remind me soooo much of the Dixie Chicks! Adorable!

    1. too sweet! I adore them, so thank you!!!

  8. One word: tripod. Get one to film while you’re driving. Can’t wait to see the crazy!

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