I know it is super annoying when someone goes on and on and on and on about something.

But I HAVE to share.

And then I promise, I won’t mention it again!


Seriously, Texans are my kind of people!! Everyone we met, from the shuttle bus driver to the McDonald’s drive thru boy to all the lovelies at Round Top, were sooo polite! And overthetop enthusiastic about life…I mean, really, when you reply to a drive thru guy “Fine and how are you?” and he answers “FANTASTIC!”, you know you are surrounded by happy people!! I am in love with the enthusiastic, fabulousness of it all!! Thank you Texas for being so wonderful…it helped me to forgive you for bringing me this close to my biggest fear…



We were to fly out the day the tornado hit Dallas and didn’t know a thing about it until we arrived at the airport in Austin and all the flights were cancelled. And that is as close to one as I ever want to be. But everyone is safe and sound, thankfully no life was lost. And that is all I want to say about that.

I have so many favorite moments about my trip that this post will be forever long if I try to tell you all about them, so I’ll just hit my top three…

1- Meeting the JUNK GYPSIES!!!!!

~ I have been a HUGE fan of these ladies since I first read about them in Cowboys & Indians magazine way back in 2006. They were so inspiring to me during my Mink & Manure days and I fell in love with their wild and fabulous style. I googled the heck out of them and shopped frequently on their site…Fast fwd to 2011 and I was BEYOND thrilled when Jolie tweeted about my blog and asked for my help putting some looks together for Blake and Miranda’s wedding… (I screamed and jumped up and down, seriously, ask my husband) We have since become “twitter” friends and email so often that I really felt like I already knew Jolie without even meeting her! (weird?!). So I was thrilled to finally be able to head down to Round Top and meet them…they are in my top 10 list of celebrities I want to meet! And when I finally found them (it really took me a day to get to their tent…Round Top is HUGE!!!) Jolie gave me a HUGE hug and pulled my baby out of the stroller as soon as she could. And even though they were super busy, Amie, Janie, Archie, Phillip and Ashlyn all took time to hug (!!) and visit with my and my best girlfriend that travelled with me! And you know that feeling when you meet someone and it feels like you’ve known them forever? That’s them! All of them are the nicest, sweetest darlings you could ever hope to meet and I could have sat and talked for hours with them! (darn tent was so busy though!!)

2- Touring Round Top!!!

~ when people say that this antique show is big, they aren’t kidding. My friend and I (with our babies!) walked for two and a half days and didn’t cover the same ground twice. I have never seen so much fabulous stuff in my life. I have been describing it as Vegas Cowboy Christmas crossed with the best flea market ever. There was everything from antlers (TONS!!!) to gorgeous bags (I got me this one!!!) to jewelery (and this is now mine!) to boots (I own these bad boys now too!) to furniture (this part made me sad, shipping was $$$$$) to, well, honestly, anything you could think of, it was there. And the people who were there to shop…loved them! Characters of all shapes, sizes and ages were there and having fun. And I loved that I felt so safe parking the baby stroller (with baby in it!) in the shade, so I could walk around a tent that wasn’t 100% stroller friendly. Not that anyone didn’t want strollers, it was more that they had so much stuff, we couldn’t fit! I am planning to take a whole week next spring and go…and I am SOOOOO going to PROM. Just try to stop me!

3- The weather…

~ we went from -5C to 90F, I don’t think I have to say anymore. Sunshine, green everything and air with moisture in it. I was in heaven. (a hot, sweaty mess, but happy).

And that’s it…

Ok, that’s not it, but I can’t keep going on forever…

But, I am going to share some pictures…can’t wait till next year!!!

*my travel buddies*


*inside the JG tent*

*my baby girl modelling all our turquoise buys*

*one of my finds that made me cry…how do I fit you into my luggage?!*

*told you there was everything!!*

27 responses to “TEXAS!!!!!”

  1. Andi Stone Goins Avatar
    Andi Stone Goins

    I totally felt like I was on your wonderful adventure with y’all!! Going to Texas is such a dream and to get to go to Round Top….well I’m not sure my heart could stand it…:-) I feel like I know so many of you, through the slice of insight into your lives! I’m ready to start blogging just to be able to go in on a Shabby Chic house with all you chicas!
    Thanks so much for your view of an auh~mazing trip….can’t wait til next year!

    xoxo, Andi

    1. You are sooo welcome to come and join us anywasy!! (although blogging is pretty darn fun!) Round Top is BEYOND fun, and you HAVE to go!!!

  2. start working on finding a different babysitter for next year, kiddo ’cause I’M GOING WITH YOU!!!-sounds like my kind of fun-Mom

  3. Looks like an amazing trip down. Don’t ya love Texas, can’t wait for my brother to be back there this spring!

    1. Nice!! Does this mean u r joining us for RoundTop next April?!

      1. Why of course I’d love too!

      2. i’m serious! i’m looking into renting one of Rachael Ashwell’s farmhouses!!

      3. We should set up the dates, I’d be in for sure!

  4. I love, love, love all of these photos! Not to mention the fact that I want a lot of that stuff… please let’s arrange a huge blogger party/meet up in Texas next spring!

      1. Eweeeee, let’s do. We could all meet at the Prom-o-rama!!!

      2. yes!!!! i better start planning my outfit now!! i’ve heard you all (y’all?!) dress it up!

  5. As a Round Top/Warrenton veteran for the past 7 years (that is twice a year you know) I have still not touched 80% of it. You have to go back to your favorites every year, and they grow every year cause you keep find more favorites! I am excited to say, that next time (Fall), I will be a RT vendor. Can’t wait. My three besties and I are going to have a blast! Maybe you will stumble upon us on one of your visits, because you will probably make this an annual trek! Texas rules, but Alberta rocks too! (I am up there 5 to 8 times a year). Stacy

    1. Me either Stacy! I have been going twice a year for MANY years and know I haven’t even scratched the surface. I found some new shops this years that I really liked.

      1. i have a feeling this will be a yearly trip for the rest of my life!!

  6. honeyyyyyyyy!!!! oh my GAwSH!!! it was soooo great to meet y’all!!! LOvED reading this post! we are so honored that you roadtripped all the way from CaNADA to come to our fave fleamarket! and i’m soooo happy you loved texas! you are officially an honorary southerner at heart!!! and you are also SUPERWOMAN!! travelin cross country with TWO babies!!!
    until we meet again my sweet fashionista friend…
    jolie & the junk gypsies!!

    1. awww shucks! the baby part was actually easier than we thought! but NEXT YEAR, this mommy is coming alone and ready to have some fun!!!!

  7. i’m just tickled that you had a great time in our beautiful state 🙂 I LOVE TEXAS TOO!! &&&&the junk gypsies & JG PROMMMM & Round Top & Warrenton! we had a rip-roarin’ good time at the prom & hope you make it next year!!! (i have tone of FB pics up if you wanna see!) HUGS from TEXAS & a fellow FARMER’S WIFE xoxox

    1. I am soooo looking forward to it already!!! (and no baby next year! Mommy gets to party!)

    2. So sad we missed it this year but am very flattered at your love for Texas! I am rather fond of it myself and so grateful to call this beautiful place home! BTW Gretchin and her daughter, Chloe, are the best prom dates ever;)

  8. Next year we will have to rent my brother and his semi-truck to haul back all the stuff we’re going to bring home!!! #fullofgoodideas #yourMRisgonnaHATEme 🙂

  9. Where can I get the sparkle horns???

    1. Those were at the Junk Gypsy tent…email them?! Maybe it didn’t sell!

  10. I also saw those Tolix chairs and almost bought 8 of them. I wanted the turquiose ones to go around my farm table on my pool deck. Also saw the alligator and thought about how I needed it so I could be one of the “Swamp People”. Would have been fun around the pool to scare people. That is the other side of Texans…we love to prank…lol!! Glad you had such a good time in Texas!!


    1. We have the same taste! (and sense of humour!!)

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