Reader Request…Mary Ann!

Today my request comes from Mary Ann about her home rather than what to wear to an event…She is wondering what to do with the kitchen cupboards in her cottage. She isn’t in the market to get new cabinets but rather update them to make them look more rustic. They are older cabinets with vinyl wood look on them. And Mary Ann is wondering if she or can she paint them for now? They have a wood floor that they love and are hoping for some suggestions!

Well, I emailed Mary Ann back and told her that I was THE worst DIY’r in the world, but that I would search for some inspiration images AND turn her questions over to you darlings…I know there has to be some DIY types out there?! Leave a comment with any advice you have or have been given…every little bit helps! Thanks all!!

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5 responses to “Reader Request…Mary Ann!”

  1. She should without a doubt, paint them! A very light sanding is all the prep it takes, especially if she is wanting a rustic look. After it’s dry hit the high points with a little sandpaper if using a darker color or do a darker wash in the nooks and cranies if she is using a lighter color and call it good! I have lived in lots of sub-par houses and have painted cheap cabinets in most of them! There are some picures posted on our FB page, Keep It Simple (Home decor)! We specailize in making what we have work!

  2. Tracy Stanley Avatar
    Tracy Stanley

    I’m so glad that I came across this post – Rustoleum sells a new product that you can paint those “tract” home cabinets – my sister-in-law used it on her and I’m getting ready to do mine. She painted hers in the most luschious chocolate color you can imagine and sanded the edged to make them look old!! I’m doing mine in black – I can’t wait, however it is a big job and you do need to do it in a few steps. I’m waiting for the kids to be done with school and my daughters graduation party to begin my process but the kit is only $75 bucks and my hubby thinks I might need two for all my cabinets (I have 27 cabinets total in my kitchen but I’m hoping to do the guest bathroom also!!

  3. Check out Ramshackle Glam – she’s a blogger who loves a shabby chic look, and DIYs quite a bit. If she doesn’t have anything like this currently on the blog, send her a message and ask – she’s quite responsive.

  4. I Had a similar problem. My cabinets were faux wood (Laminate) and I sanded lightly, primed and painted white then added new knobs to get by until I can afford a complete kitchen upgrade. I have to say, it was easy and it turned out well. I recommend taking doors off and painting assembly line style with a sprayer though, it took a long time with a roller.

  5. We had 1950s original metal cabinets…that were covered in five layers of contact paper. The most recent being faux marble…over faux wood. It was atrocious. We had to strip all the paper and then use metal paint (yellow, and it looks fabulous). If there’s wood underneath, I’d think you could strip them (which might lend itself to a little “distressed” look, making a few digs here and there not a tragedy) and then paint, but I don’t think you can paint over the vinyl. Unless you primed with Gripper? Hmmm.

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