Texas here I come!

Only 2 more sleeps until TEXAS!!!

Can you tell I am a little excited to head out on a vacation!? I get to go with one of my bestest girlfriends and our matching babies… (I say matching because we’ve managed (for the 2nd time) to have babies days apart!)

We head out on Friday, roll into Austin that night and then head out to ANTIQUE WEEK for Saturday and Sunday!!! I am beyond excited to go…and nervous too. How will I be able to take seeing all the fabulous stuff and not having any way to drag it back home?! (although I’m sure that where there is a will, there is a way…as in UPS?!)

And the weather…haven’t checked the 7 day forecast yet, but anything other than snow and wind will be a welcome change! I plan to spend at least 15 minutes just standing and soaking up some vitamin D…

Of course, I also need to pack. I am a CHRONIC overpacker, but I am going to be resisting the urge this time because I am hoping to be able to jam as much stuff as possible into my suitcase for the ride home. Like these bad boys…

Yup…the ladies of Gypsyville have a pair with my name on it! SOOOO HAPPY!!!!

I am also thrilled to FINALLY meet those chickas!!! I feel like I already know them, and I’ve warned them that I am a hugger…but Jolie reassures me that all Texans are huggers, so it is all good! LOL

My plan is also get all the laundry done in the whole house before I leave…


And in the spirit of planning to do all this stuff, I thought I’d waste more time playing on the computer instead of actually doing anything and create some outfit ideas for this weekend!


18 responses to “Texas here I come!”

  1. Bring your shorts! Mid-80’s and humid. . .
    I’m a native Texas gal myself. Wish I could be there! Say hello to Jolie for me!

  2. And there it is! I hope you really did get a cool hat with Farmer’s Trophy Wife on it!

    1. Actually, I’ve had that hat for eons…my Mink & Manure company’s slogan used to be “Fashion for the Farmer’s Trophy Wife”!

  3. OH!!! I’M SO excited for you!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!

  4. Just got back from a day of shopping in Warrenton/Round Top. Gypsies were setting up with a ways to go yet. Got some pier lights to hang on my deck by the pool. Also got old signage letter to spell out pool and some green BALL jars for projects. Will go back a couple of time before they shut it down. Nice living about 45 minutes from there. HAve Fun! 🙂

  5. Hope to see you in Warrenton. Have fun and don’t worry you will get plenty of sun. The bluebonnets and wildfloweres are beautiful.

  6. It’s drizzling rain and it’s in the forecast…but this is Texas and as a lifelong Texan I can tell you, if you don’t like the weather just wait and it will change. I am heading to Warrenton on Friday with friends…fun times!! shop till we drop – and I think yes there is a UPS tent set up down there too!!

    1. A tent?! I’m set!! 🙂 And a little rain would be refreshing!!!

  7. Virginia Manlove Avatar
    Virginia Manlove

    Best time of year for Texas! While your here make sure you get a picture in the blue bonnets.

  8. Hey Farmer’s Trophy Wife!

    I live in Austin and was very excited to see that you’re on your way to the Antique Week! You will LOVE it. I always have to go to the Junk Gypsy’s booth. I’ll look for you in your hat and say hi if I see you. BTW, It’s gonna be in the 80’s during the day and 60’s at night. Better bring those shorts, flip flops and white wine. You’ll be addicted – This is my third year and I have to go EVERY time.

    Have fun and I’ll look forward to your blogs about it later!

    Lisa Moseley

  9. Love love love Antique Week (s) in Warrenton/Round Top! Have fun shopping till your little heart drops! And, love love love the Gypsyville “tent” too. It hardly gets better than junking in the warm Texas sunshine w/ a cold Shiner Bock in your hand!!! Can’t wait to see posts of your Texas treasures! Enjoy your trip!

  10. The weather lately has been phenominal!! Perfect time of the year to come & we’ve actually had some rain so things are greenin’ up. Austin is definitely a place of it’s own, but WarrentonRound Top is more my neck of the woods so I know you’ll LOVE it!! Welcome to Texas!!

    1. Seriously EXCITED!!!!!! Can’t wait!

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